What is CROWD ?

Valuable Assets – the fast lane to maximizing your profits

Decentralized system

Network frame work is direct sponsor unlimited lines and deep bonus up to 8 level

JAK COIN Organizaton is responsible

There is no binary or placement rule in it. All member make direct sponsor and below come in his down line. Like a referral network.

Low fees & secured

Blockchain-based transection. low fees & secured end to end.


JAK features

Our Managed Companies are the workhorses that bring performance, liquidity and better ROI for all stakeholders.

  • 1.

    Bonus goes escrow as sale placed. Member can cash-out his bonus every Sunday.

  • 2.

    Reward mature same time when target sales completed. Cash out every Sunday. after admin approved

  • 3.

    Internally exchange 0.50% if some-one buy or sell his JAK with admin (JAK-USD- USD/JAK) & cash out exchanged currency instant, charges as per admin chain deduction because cash out is USD & JAK instant. Buyer can exchange amount and cash out its any time. Make cash out automatic.

  • 4.

    Internal member to member transfer. 1% Charges

Coins sale proceeds

Use of Funds & Coins allocation

JAK CROWD funds are using for the development of multiple project under JAK Business Group.

Coins Distribution

Public sales distribution %

JAK Total Sales %

Total Token : 20000000.00000000
Sales : 10000000.00000000


Road map

Our Road Map leading to success

Dec 15,2020

Inital coin distribution & Marketing with seed investors

Dec 01,2020

Exchange crypto Currencies into Bitcoin

Nov 19,2020

Start of the CROWD Crypto Platform Development.

Oct 08,2020

JAK Crowd Program

Sep 15,2020

Team Establised

Dec 23,2020

Smart contract "go" project for public market assign with JAK Business Group

Jan 01-2021

Public Network Market

Team members

Our Teams & Advisors

Major team member of JAK CROWD.



Joom Oranit


Mr Ailan Guider

Sales Trainer


Contact JAK

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Our office is located in a beautiful building and garden and fast growing city.



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